Photo Which airline company to fly cheap ?

Which airline company to fly cheap ?

Fly cheap

When you plan a vacation, travel expenses usually constitute the biggest part of the budget. As a result, instead of flying, many people choose to drive or go by bus when traveling long distances.

This is because among the other means of transportation, traveling by plane is the most expensive. Flying is. However the most comfortable and the fastest means of transportation.

Is it possible to find a cheap plane ticket? Which airline company should you book a flight with in order to fly at a low cost? This guide will help you to know about low-cost airlines to reduce your travel expenses.

Which airline company offers cheap plane tickets?

To each of your destination, there are always cheap flights which can take you to your destination. However, not many people are aware of the possibility to fly at a low cost.

Here is a list of airline companies that offer the cheapest plane tickets. Travel cheap to Canada: If you want to visit Canada for business, studies, or tourism, you can fly at a low cost with any of the following airline companies:

  •  Swoop 
  • Air Canada Rouge 
  • WestJet 
  • Sunwing Airlines 
  • Air Transat 
  • Canada Jetlines 
  • Flair Airlines

Fly cheap to France: France is popular for its exquisite cuisine and fascinating landmarks, including the Eiffel Tower. For a reasonable flight to France, fly with Transavia France, or with French Bee. Cheapest flights to England: Fly at the cheapest cost to the land of Shakespeare with: 

  • EasyJet 
  • Norwegian Air UK 
  • Flybe

Low-cost flights to India: If you are going to see the beautiful temples in India and visit famous places like Taj Mahal, you can fly cheap with any of the following airlines: 

  • Air India Express
  • SpiceJet 
  • AirAsia India 
  • IndiGo 
  • GoAir

Travel cheap to the USA: If you go to the USA as a businessperson, a student or a tourist, you can fly at a lower cost with the following airlines: 

  • Allegiant Air 
  • Frontier Airlines 
  • Spirit Airlines 
  • Sun Country Airlines 
  • JetBlue 
  • Southwest Airlines

Fly cheap to Romania: If you plan to travel to Romania for medical purposes, particularly dental care, facial surgery, or other reasons, fly with Blue Air, the cheapest airline company.

Low-cost flights to Thailand: If you plan to go to Thailand on your next vacation and discover its fascinating architecture, fly with the cheapest airlines: 

  • Thai AirAsia 
  • NokScoot 
  • Thai Lion Air 
  • Thai AirAsia X 
  • Thai Vietjet Air 
  • Nok Air

Cheapest flights to Australia: If you plan to discover the endemic animal of Australia, especially the wallabies and kangaroos, find a cheap flight with Jetstar Airways, or Tigerair Australia.

A few recommendations

  •  Before you book a flight with a low-cost airline, always make sure that it is a medium haul or a long-haul airline; and whether it operates international services outside the country. 
  • In order to be sure, find the cheapest flight through an online travel agency like Opodo, which operates with travel agencies in 225 countries in the world. 
  • Go to Opodo's website and put in your departure country and destination. Then, select your departure and arrival dates. Choose Flights from the menu if you look for flights. 
  • Within a few seconds, Opodo will give your flight search results, with the cost of plane tickets. 
  • Choose the cheapest plane ticket to your travel destination.