Photo Deals and tips to visit museums and monuments for free

Deals and tips to visit museums and monuments for free

Free visits

When you visit a new country, it is always fascinating to visit museums and monuments. You can learn many things when you visit museums and monuments.

For example, you can discover history, culture, lifestyle, and great inventions. Some museums are open to the public with free admission; whereas others require tickets. Some ticketed museums and monuments can be visited for free, though.

Some deals and tips for free admission to museums and monuments

  • Ask for information: The first thing to do is to get information about the list of museums and monuments in your travel destination from the Tourist Information desk. This can be available on the internet, or through your travel agency. You can also get quick information about museums and monuments from the hotel front desk. Find out which museums and monuments are paid, and which ones are free. 
  • Get a museum pass: A museum pass gives you free admission to many ticketed museums over a certain period of time. In fact, a pass may be valid for a day, 2 days, 4 days or for a week. For most popular museums, you have to buy a pass ahead of time before visiting the museums or monuments. However, some libraries allow their members to borrow passes in order to have free access to their affiliated museums. 
  • Ask where to get a pass: In order to get free admission to the most popular ticketed museums, ask the Tourist Information desk at your hotel or through your travel agency. Passes are also available at any ticketed museum. If you are a member of a library which is affiliated to some popular museums and monuments, it is a good idea to get your pass through the library. 
  • Order your pass: If you travel for business, you might have little time to go around and get your pass from the Museum or from the Tourist Desk Information. As a result, it is a better idea to order you pass by phone or online. Your pass may be delivered to your hotel at an additional cost. 
  • Inquire when museums and monuments have free access: Some museums and monuments are open for the public for free access once a week. It could be at the weekend, or on a weekday. In addition, ask about the opening hours, because the pass may have a limited access to the site. 
  • Buy a 6-day pass: Buying a 6-day pass is more convenient and practical; especially if you want to visit more than 2 museums every day. It is also highly recommended that you check validity date and time of your pass. An expired pass cannot give you access to any ticketed museum or monument.

Visit many museums and museums for free

Museums and monuments are open for the public to visit. Quite often, great museums and fascinating monuments are often crowded, or expensive.

However, if you have a pass, you can have free access to any of those places, for a limited time. Visit the museums of your interests with Opodo. As an online travel agency, Opodo can inform you about the location of free museums and monuments in your travel destination.

Order your museum pass with Opodo. Prior to that, you can arrange your flight and accommodation through the same travel agency for more convenience.